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Sandwich Goodness

2 Aug

A simple sandwich with few ingredients, which must be fresh, makes for a great lunch both at home and when traveling.

Had this sandwich below at an Italian deli in London.
Fresh sourdough baguette, parma ham, fresh tomato and lettuce – very tasty!

Sandwich Simplicity at its finest

2 Aug

One of the things I found I enjoyed the most while traveling in Europe, was a simple deli sandwich. What made them exceptionally good was the fact that everything was very fresh, especially the baked breads.  A good fresh sourdough baguette always makes for one very delicious sandwich!

This sandwich was one of my favorites, I got it at a small outdoor market that was near the Rijksmuseum.  I stopped and had a sandwich and drink for lunch before heading over to the Van Gogh museum.

This sandwich was simplicity at it’s finest – very few ingredients, but all very fresh and very tasty.

Ingredients were: fresh sourdough baguette, fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil leaves with a little bit of extra virgin live oil.

Simple but very tasty sandwich

Spud Point Crab Company at Bodega Bay

18 Sep

Spud Point Crab Company, Bodega Bay

While on a recent trip to Bodega Bay we decided to check out this tiny restaurant on the bay called the Spud Point Crab Company that we had read about on Yelp, figured it was worth a try.

According to their website: Spud Point Crab Company, which opened its doors on July 10, 2004, is a family-operated business owned by Tony and Carol Anello.  Tony has been fishing commercially for 35 years; Spud Point Crab Company is a dream-come-true for Tony and his wife, Carol.  Tony provides all the fresh fish from his own boat and that of his son and brother. Carol and daughter Lisa run the unique, 350 square foot shop.

Spud Point Crab Company is a truly old style Fishermen’s Wharf.  They catch and smoke their own “Wild King Salmon,” which is the best according to all that taste it. You can watch the live crab go into the large cooker that is right outside the shop. Watch them clean the crab you select. If you can’t wait to take the crab home, tables are provided outside — with a view of the boats and the bay — and tools to crack the crab, sauce, butter and lemon.

This little restaurant on Bodega Bay features Carol’s Famous Clam Chowder, voted best chowder 4 years in a row. Next is their Crab Sandwich with fresh picked crab meat and their homemade sauce served on a soft roll. They are also famous for their homemade crab cakes.

We decided to try their specialties, the chowder and the crab sandwich.  We ordered at the counter (there is no seating inside) then got our food and sat outside at the tables which had a great view of the harbor right across the street.

The clam chowder was absolutely off the hook delicious. I’m not usually a huge fan of chowder but theirs was outstanding.  The flavors were bold and tasty and had me hooked at the first spoonful. Once you start you cannot stop, their clam chowder was THE best I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to Boston several times… this chowder was better..  I highly recommend you stop by here and try the chowder if you’re ever in Bodega Bay.

The crab sandwich was equally good, and it was fully loaded with crab that was very tasty.

Everything hit the spot and we had a great lunch while in Bodega Bay.  I love finding small places off the beaten path that turn out to be really good.  The internet is a great resource.

Chowder with a View

Check them out at

Spud Point Crab Company
1860 Westshore Road
Bodega Bay, California 94923

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed on Wednesday.


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