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Sinfully Delicious Burger

6 Oct

The “Cootie Burger” with Chili Cheese Fries served at Samuel Horne’s Tavern in old town Folsom on Sutter Street.

I must confess, this is one of my all time favorite burger and chili cheese fries combos, I know it is bad as far as cholesterol, fat, sodium and all that goes.  However, the great taste, the high quality ingredients, the perfect meld of flavors,  they all make it very well worth it.

I’ve tried a lot of burgers over the years but this one really stands out with it’s unique combination of ingredients:
Pepperjack Cheese, Raw Spinach, Mayo, Pepperoncini’s and topped with an Over Easy Fried Egg .  Oh so good! That burger along with a side of their outstanding Chili and Cheese fries is pure burger nirvana!   Save up your appetite and try this out sometime!

Food as Art – Photography

7 Aug

I like to take random photos of food that looks good, I like the vibrant colors, the appeal factor, etc. Sometimes food just makes for a very good photography subject,  just as I wrote about in yesterday’s article – food is art.

This section of the blog titled “Food Photography” is where I’ll be posting photos of food that I’ve taken from events, restaurants and from my own cooking.

Here are today’s photos:

From the Folsom Farmers Market on Sutter Street

Spice Mix (photo from home)

Photo taken in the late afternoon while enjoying a nice cold beer at Samuel Horne’s Pub

Favorite photo from The Kitchen, with Chef Noah

Photo of the vegetable section at The Nugget Market

Folsom’s New Beer Garden and Grill

12 Mar

Last night the misses and I went out to visit Folsom’s newest gastropub, The Beer Garden and Grill at 6608 Folsom-Auburn Rd. Folsom, CA 95630  (no website yet).   They opened a week ago and have so far received some fairly good reviews from locals.   Folsom could use another pub being that our two favorites (Manderes and Samuel Horne’s) tend to get fairly packed on weekends and can sometimes be hard to get into, so new alternatives are good to have as options in case a Plan B is needed when going out on the weekends.

Unfortunately we found ourselves very disappointed by the Beer Garden and Grill, I’ll call this Strike One.

The menu and list of beers, wines and concoctions looked good, and I bet any of the items would have been good…. if only we could have been able to order something.

We ended up leaving after being unable to get any service at both the bar and at a table that we later got.

I know they’re still new and I like to give the benefit of the doubt and try to be patient and it looked like they had plenty of waitresses… but apparently none of them know how to give good service (yet).  Good looks are nice, but intelligence and knowing how to take care of customers is a lot more important to help achieve success with any restaurant.

Unfortunately after a period of time, bad service becomes a serious pet peeve of mine.  I have no patience at all for poor service…or in this case, no service at all.

I always give at least 15 minutes before giving up (I even set a timer for it).  I’m not asking for much, I just want to order something… I mean come on, at least stop and acknowledge our presence and let us know you’ll be back to take our order later!  This is why I don’t got to the Sports Garage anymore either, the service is bad there too.  Went with 6 friends a month ago, we were 1 of only 2 tables and we always had to go find the one waiter/bartender/cook guy to get refills, order food and get our bill.

When I spend money going out, I want it to be money well spent on having a good time enjoying good food, drink and service – I don’t want it to be a hassle in any way.

We ended up leaving the Beer Garden Grill without getting anything and it will be a while before we go back to give them another try, it seems they still have a lot of work to do with their wait staff.

We then drove over to Samuel Horne’s in old town Folsom (on Sutter Street) and had a great time!  Even though you have to go to the bar to order, we can always count on good food, a good choice of beers and a nice friendly staff that will take our food and beverage order right away. Same with Manderes, it may cost a little more there, but the food, beer AND service is top notch and well worth it and that’s why Manderes remains my favorite place in town – because they know how to do everything right.

Having both good food AND good service is the only way any restaurant is going to survive, and that’s why Manderes and Sam Horne’s are still doing great and why I will continue to go support those places.

Maybe the owner of the Beer Garden should send his waitresses over to Manderes to see how good service works and how it makes a restaurant successful.

The Beer Garden and Grill does have potential and it’s in a nice location with lots of outdoor patio space which will be great to hang out at during the summer, I just hope they can get their wait staff up to speed because poor service will always keep me away.


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