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How Much Sugar Really Is in Food?

7 Apr

Good article from Gizmodo

Sugar is sweet, sugar is delicious, sugar is lovely but sugar can be so terribly bad for you. How much sugar is in foods and drinks you love? Like a soda or orange juice or cereal or even baked beans? Sugar is everywhere! That white cocaine powder adds up. BuzzFeed made a video visualizing the actual grams of sugar in each food and to see the actual snuff is dizzying. Fruit Loops over “healthy” cereal everyday now!

Healthiest restaurant food I’ve ever had

6 Apr

While searching for vegetarian food during my travels in Oregon, I found a great vegetarian restaurant in Bend called Cafe Yumm located in the Old Mill District.

Their entire menu is all about healthy eating and they have a very good variety and selection of good for you foods.

I tried grilled tempah for the very first time (it’s interesting) and I also had their Cafe Yumm Bowl which consisted of brown rice, black beans, olives, tomatoes, cheese, avocados and salsa. I honestly think that was the most healthy bowl of good for me food I’ve ever had, and it was delicious!



6 Apr


5 Superfood Duos

6 Apr


Best Foods for Your Brain

6 Apr


Veggie Burger

5 Apr

Homemade Veggie Burger with sauteed mushrooms, onions and spinach

Veggie Burger

Healthy Eating

5 Apr

This is going to be a new section in the food blog about healthy eating – it’s about time right?

I’ll be posting photos of healthy food along with recipes and information about healthy eating, gotta have some good healthy food, the more the better, I know I’m working on it, hopefully some of the info here will help inspire others too.


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