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The Art of Culinary Presentation – Food as Art

6 Aug

The Art of Culinary Presentation – Food as Art

Over the years food presentation at restaurants has become a form of art that just keeps getting better and better as new chef’s emerge on the scene with their creativity.  No longer are the protein, and sides just thrown on a plate to be eaten, now they are placed artfully and carefully with great skill for an appealing presentation factor, and it works.

The first thing about a dish is it’s presentation, how does it look to you? Is it appealing?  Is it appetizing? Most importantly – is it something you want?  I’ve had some really great food that looked like garbage because of lack of presentation, and on the flip side I’ve had some mediocre food that was presented so well that it nearly made up for the lack of taste.

Foods, with all their different textures, tastes and colors are like different shades in the color spectrum that the chef/artist uses to meld together just right to create beautiful “paintings” of their culinary presentations.

This section is going to be used to show some off some local talent for dishes I think are worthy of telling others about. (in other words it looks and tastes good to me heh).

These tasty dishes are from Manderes in Folsom

Grilled Salmon with Pesto Risotto 

Seared Ahi with Parmesan Risotto


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